Book #6


CALORI Andrea (ed), Coltivare la città. Giro del mondo in dieci progetti di filiera corta, Terre di Mezzo-Altreconomia, Milano 2009.

The rediscovery of the short circuit of production and consumption of food is our next revolution.

What is the common element for a Bronx immigrant, a woman of an Osaka suburb, a Senegalese farmer, a baker of Monaco of Bavaria and a rich Venezuelan driver?  Each of these people has a food-related story. Each is a member of groups and communities organized (in more or less formalized way) in order to sell or buy food products consumed near the production facilities. Starting from Italian case – declined in the experiences of farmers’ markets, zero kilometer products, this book tries to take stock of global experiences about local short chain.  After the great rhetoric about globalization, the environmental and economic challenges have placed on the fore the issue of short supply chain. But what is the meaning of short chain? Why is it a successful and desirable model? The book shows the experiences of short chain in the world, reflecting on the theme with a series of interviews with experts on the value of “local” production and distribution, on the desirability of this model and how it can also be easily replicated in Italy and in the territories of Lombardy.