Book #18


POLLALIS Spiro N, GEORGOULIAS Andreas, RAMOS Stephen J, SCHODEK Daniel L (eds), Infrastructure Sustainability and Design, Routledge, 2012.

You’re overseeing a large-scale project, but you’re not an engineering or construction specialist, and so you need an overview of the related sustainability concerns and processes. To introduce you to the main issues, experts from the fields of engineering, planning, public health, environmental design, architecture, and landscape architecture review current sustainable large-scale projects, the roles team members hold, and design approaches, including alternative development and financing structures. They also discuss the challenges and opportunities of sustainability within infrastructural systems, such as those for energy, water, and waste, so that you know what’s possible. And best of all, they present here for the first time the Zofnass Environmental Evaluation Methodology guidelines, which will help you and your team improve infrastructure design, engineering, and construction.


Book #8


BADALUCCO Laura, CHIAPPONI Medardo, Energia e design. Innovazioni di prodotto per la sostenibilità energetica, Roma, Carocci, 2009.

In the field of Industrial Design the theme of energy requires to critically consider consumption, quantity and quality of materials, and also proper and effective communication of these issues.

This involves two distinct activities:

  • Reworking of existing products;
  • Development of innovative types.

The book describes the contribution of Industrial Design in achieving both the energy efficiency goals and development in use of renewable energy. Through significant case studies, the book deals with product innovation, emerging technologies and tools used by designing to address the needs expressed by energy sustainability.