Multiplicity #7: Digital TV Tower

  • Designer: Oscar Niemeyer
  • Work: Brasilia Digital TV Tower
  • Infrastructural System: Communications 
  • Type + Intervention: New Construction of a TV Tower with a Restaurant and an Art Gallery
  • Location: Brasilia (Brasil)
  • Year: 2009-2012 (Built)
  • Reference 1:

The Brasilia Digital TV Tower (Torre de TV Digital de Brasília), also known as cerrado flower, is a broadcast tower which made digital television signal available for the whole Federal District and surroundings. The tower has been projected by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and has cost R$ 75 million.

The tower is 180 meters tall, from which 120 meters correspond to a concrete structure and the rest to the metallic structure of the television antenna. Moreover, two glass observatories complete the structure. The highest one – at 80 meters above the ground – contains a restaurant with a panoramic view. The other one is used as an art gallery.


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