Beauty #3: Bottle Sail for rural communities living with HIV/AIDS

  • Designer: 1+1>2 International Architecture JSC
  • Work: Bottle Sail for rural communities living with HIV/AIDS
  • Infrastructural System: Food & Animals
  • Type + Intervention: New Construction of a Greenhouse
  • Location: Hai Phong (Haiphong), Vietnam
  • Year: 2014 (Built)
  • Reference 1: kientruc112
  • Reference 2:
  • Reference 2:

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In the series of community development projects by 1+1>2 International Architecture JSC, in collaboration with research centers and public health development COHED, the bottle seedling house has been built given to rural communities affected by HIV / AIDS. The project aims to improve the quality of agricultural, community connections, helping people with HIV / AIDS to socially reintegrate.

The land is located next to the sea dyke, with an average of 12 typhoons each year; this is a big challenge when building. So, the bottle house should be designed to respond to natural disasters, protecting seedlings. Positioned at the foot of the dyke – where can be sheltered from the wind the most, the foundation which are concrete pipe is buried deep underground, enhanced cross bracing ensuring sustainable bamboo frame system. With wind-sail ideas – familiar image of fishing villagers, the house looks like an interesting accent between fields. The combined curves from plastic bottles that sparkle like moving furniture, with strong visual appeal.

With an area of only 16m2, using bamboo material, roofed by 3000 plastic bottles. The work serves about 10,000 tomato seedlings seeds per season, and a place for farmers to rest and relax. It is also a place for students to have after-school activities. The project is ongoing research, dissemination and replication in order to practically serve the community.


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