Book #1


AA VV, Rethinking Infrastructure: Voices from the Global Infrastructure Initiative, McKinsey & Company, 2014.

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This volume contains 11 provocative “thought starters” from leaders in their field. Each explores the challenges of new infrastructure from an individual perspective and points to different issues and solutions. Unifying them, a theme is an emphasis on pragmatic solutions that can be rapidly executed to address the global infrastructure challenge.

The collection explores four themes:

  • Winning public consent explores the role of public opinion on infrastructure policies and how infrastructure leaders can learn from the agility and customer focus of consumer-goods companies;
  • Financing and ownership tackles the challenge of matching projects with institutional investors, public-private partnerships (PPPs), the Hong Kong rail-plus-property model, and alternatives to diret sales as ways of increasing revenue;
  • Improvements in design investigates the benefits of building resilience into infrastructure projects, “inspired” and future-proof architecture, and the prefabricated and energy-efficient designs of the Broad Group;
  • New infrastructure in emerging economies offers two reflections on the challenge and change needed in China’s remarkable infrastructure effort, as well as look at the opportunities for energy infrastructure.



Section 1: Winning public consent

MAXELL Dominic, MILLS Julian, SHILSON Stuart, “Making the consumer case for major infrastructure”

Section 2: Financing and ownership

BLANC-BRUDE Frédèric, “Making a better match between institutional investors and infrastructure investments”

DÉAU Thierry, TOUATI Julien, “Using PPPs to fund critical greenfield infrastructure projects”

WALDER Jay H, “Keeping 21st-century cities on the move”

PALTER Robert, SHILSON Stuart, “Maximizing revenue from government-owned assets”

Section 3: Improvements in design

KRUEGER Uwe, “Inspired infrastructure”

RODIN Judith, “Infrastructure and the resilience dividend”

 “Rethinking conventional construction: An interview with Broad Group chairman and CEO Zhang Yue”

Section 4: New infrastructure in emerging economies

MING Xiaodong, “Infrastructure’s central role in China’s ‘new urbanization’”

KUN Zuo, “Critical issues in the next decade of China’s infrastructure effort”

NAQVI Arif, “Energy infrastructure: Seizing the opportunity in growth markets”


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