Perceiving the community SENSES

The dam is magnificent. Man, even if small and limited in itself, has the power of “big”. […] The human entity is great. The dam is great.

Le Corbusier, 1925


The perception in the collective imaginery about urban infrastructure as technological device oscillates between the suggestions offered to by “Technophilia” – man feels oneself great in front of the majesty of his constructions, as in the case of the dam – and the climate of distrust fed by the “Technophobia” – man fears the power of technology when it escapes control, as during catastrophic events such as the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and Fukushima.

The second scenery explores the perceptions resulting from a responsible interaction with technology and achieving with:

  • Expression of emotions and symbols related to a contemporary society more sensitive to built environment;
  • Education to technology and construction of social consent;
  • Cooperation of inhabitants in designing, building and managing the urban infrastructures.


> #7 Energy, Climate and Environmental Park
> #6 Vegetable Nursery House
> #5 Smog Free Tower
> #4 Shenzhen East Waste-to-Energy Plant
> #3 Solar Tower
> #2 Eco-Boulevard
> #1 Oxbow Field Station